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Milk Fat

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We produce anhydrous milk fat made from fresh pasteurised cream. Due to the consistent milk composition profile from irrigated farms, the solid fat milk profile is more consistent across the year.

Our high quality Milk Fat products have a light golden colour and  delicious creamy taste.  They have a wide variety of applications, and  are sold in many countries around the world.


Our butter, made from high quality fresh cream, consistently delivers the superior flavour and texture needed in many applications, such as baked goods and spreads.

Our advanced packing systems enable us to produce a variety of sizes in your brand Salted and Unsalted.

Anhydrous Milk Fat

Right Food Anhydrous Milk Fat is one of the highest quality products, that provides superior dairy flavour while being stable at ambient temperatures.
*Consumers – Right Food does not sell directly to the public.

Our products are sold only to other manufacturers and in truck-load quantities. Please look for the many high-quality branded foods and beverages made with dairy ingredients in local stores and online.

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