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Hydrolysates are highly functional ingredients that are well-suited  for a variety of applications. What makes these proteins so versatile is  that the amino acid chains are hydrolyzed or broken down at specific  points in order to impart desired characteristics. Whatever your  functional requirements, our R&D team can design a low or high hydrolysis (DH) product tailored specifically to your needs.


Whey Protein Hydrolysate (DH ranging from 3-5% and 10-20%)

Whey Protein Hydrolysate (DH ranging from 3-5% and 10-20%)
Specialty Hydrolysates

Custom Whey Protein Hydrolysates
Enhanced Peptides Whey Protein Hydrolysates
rBGH/rBST free
Lactose free or low lactose
*Consumers – Right Food does not sell directly to the public.

Our products are sold only to other manufacturers and in truck-load quantities. Please look for the many high-quality branded foods and beverages made with dairy ingredients in local stores and online.

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