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RFerrin is unsaturated apotransferrin  compound with superior iron-binding capacity to bind with free iron in  the intestine, transporting it so it can be absorbed. This eliminates  the free iron that would cause intestinal irritation, improving the  balance of iron without upsetting the stomach. Apotransferrin  is a first-line defense multi-functional protein that possesses a more  bioavailable source of iron as compared to ferrous sulphate.  Apotransferrin binds the iron already present in the body, helping the  body utilize and absorb it more efficiently. This removes the need to  add additional non-native sources of iron, allowing the body to receive  the right balance of iron without the stomach and intestinal discomfort.

Supplement  makers now have the ability to meet a growing consumer need by  formulating an iron supplement that is more easily absorbed and better  tolerated with Right Foods’ RFerrin.

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