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Calcium intake plays a major role in determining bone mass in adults and also influences the rate of bone loss associated with ageing. Due to this important contribution to building and maintaining bone mineral mass, it is vital that the bioavailability of dietary calcium is

The beneficial effect of milk calcium, which makes it superior to other calcium sources, becomes apparent when comparing the effects on bone mass accretion. The bioavailability of calcium from a food source is best evaluated by measuring its effect on changes in bone
mass over time.

BIOCAL 4 is fortified with Casein phosphopeptides, Vitamin K2 and D3 to Enhanced calcium or zinc absorption, activates the proteins that incorporate calcium into bones and Prevent Calcium deposits in arteries and smooth muscle walls in very natural way.
*Consumers – Right Food does not sell directly to the public.

Our products are sold only to other manufacturers and in truck-load quantities. Please look for the many high-quality branded foods and beverages made with dairy ingredients in local stores and online.

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